How to Establish Good Relationship with Your Employer

Not everyone knows how to maintain or establish a good relationship with their employer. Some are all about their job and getting their paycheck when due. But a lot happens to you as an employee when you have a good relationship with your employer.

The list goes beyond borders when looking at the benefits of getting a mutual relationship with your employer. I am a witness to the great benefits that come with it. This is going to get interesting, sure you would want to learn about this, read on.

In this article, you will be looking at how to establish a good relationship with your employer. A lot of people do with eye service to get some favors but I will show you how to do this without resorting to being cunny or deceptive.

Some people naturally know how to get it done and have been able to establish a good long-lasting relationship for many years. You will be looking at some good ways of establishing a great relationship with your employer below. You shouldn’t just read about it but apply it to your activities every day.


Ways to Establish a Good Relationship with Your Employer

The relationship you have with your employer is a very important factor to be considered. Here are the following ways to start one.

  • Take the initiative
  • Maintain a positive work ethic
  • Talk about goals and ideas
  • Put yourself in your boss’s shoes
  • Show value
  • Know when to communicate with your boss
  • Do more than expected
  • Don’t make excuses
  • Don’t fake it
  • Ask for feedback


Take the initiative

In an organization, management bodies are always looking for employees who think outside the box with different innovations and inventions. You as an employee need to take a forward step with the initiative to make things happen. When an employer sees that you’ve got something different, you will make a good conversation pal when that time comes up.


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Maintain a positive work ethic

Here is another way to establish a good relationship with your employer. You have to develop a positive work ethic. Everyone is watching, and if you are positive towards your work routine, it will show and your employer will begin to notice you and eventually put up a talk with you someday or whenever you feel like talking to him, he/she will welcome you in.


Talk about goals and ideas

A bright employee talks about goals and ideas when it comes to taking his/her job to the next level. This is what comes into play when job promotion is being talked about. When you talk about goals, it gives you an upper hand in establishing a good relationship with your employer. Every employer loves an employee that has what it takes to take the business to the next level.


Put yourself in your boss’s shoes

If you want to develop a good relationship with your employer, first, put yourself in your boss’s shoes. When you do this, you can always tell how your boss feels every time it’s about the business or the organization. It will also give you a clear view of how to handle things because you have placed yourself at a point where you will begin to think of better ways to do things.


Show value

Nobody likes who doesn’t show value. If you want to be accepted anywhere, you need to show value. Your value will determine how you will be respected in an organization. You will also have an edge over other staff who are just regular at what they do. One of the fastest ways to establish a good relationship with your employer is by showing value to the organization.


Know when to communicate with your boss

There are some off moments for every employer. Know when to get into your boss’s office to talk. You might not understand what your boss has to go through to put the business in motion all the time, so don’t assume every time is a nice time to talk. Always read the environment and know when to move in. luckily for you, your employer might just be needing someone to have a chitchat with.


Do more than expected

Most people are fond of just doing their job and not adding any extra. They feel entitled to ask for more pay if they are to do anything extra to their job description. Never be like such employees. They never get to be promoted or given a raise in their pay. Always do more than what is expected of you. This way, you can establish a good relationship with your employer. Because every employer likes to be with an employee that puts in the extra effort in making sure that things work out.


Don’t make excuses

Excuses are for losers. You don’t want to be tagged as an excuse maker. So, never make excuses, especially for something that could be avoided. Put in the work involved and your employer will start to notice you.

When you start making up excuses for every little thing that is being done that went bad, you start developing bad habits, and bad habits lead to developing a bad routine which eventually leads to failure. Avoid the life of excuses and you will have the opportunity of establishing a good relationship with your employer.


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Don’t fake it

Do you think your employer doesn’t know who is faking and who is not? When you start faking up things and your employer finds out that you are faking your activities only to get favors? Best believe you just blew yourself up because every employer has seen through thick and thin to get to the position and they have seen all manner of people. Avoid being a faker when it comes to delivering top-notch duties in your organization and you’ll get noticed for it. Some people get away with it but don’t thread on that part.


Ask for feedbacks

Always ask for feedback from your employer on how you are doing at your job. This will give your employer a positive impression about you – that you are a hardworking and dedicated person to your job. A lot can happen over time. So never stop asking for feedback.



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