Top 10 iPhone and Android Apps to Manage Your Life

There is no need to resort to traditional means of doing things anymore. Here are top 10 iPhone and Android Apps developed to help manage your day activities.

Technology has a place in our lives these days whether we like it or not. The way we do things now is being structured and its daily usage has affected the way we run daily activities. Innovation too is playing a large role in how things are being done.

In this article, I will be showing you the top 10 iPhone and Android apps    you can always use to manage your life. We can’t deny the importance of these apps and how they have been able to help in structuring our lives daily.

Ranging from various functions in different niches, they can’t be over – emphasized the usefulness of these apps. While more apps are coming out to solve more problems in society, a better understanding is required to make good use of these apps as they come out and are being introduced to the public at large.


Top 10 iPhone and Android Apps to Manage Our Lives

The following apps are believed to be the best applications you can have on your phone if you want to organize your day perfectly well. They are in no top to the bottom category but are picked at random.

They are;

  1. Trello
  2. Asana
  3. Evernote
  4. Anylist
  5. Google Files
  6. Amazon Kindle
  7. Samsung health
  8. My Calendar
  9. One Pulse
  10. Toggl



The Trello app is a unique app for both android and iOS users around the world. The seamless way Trello functions are to help you manage your day, month, and year appropriately. You can call it a project management app as that was what it was built for. To help solve problems related to project management.



The Asana application is also a very important app for iOS users. It has a wonderful user interface whereby users can apportion tasks scheduled for different timing. If you are looking for an app to help you manage your life smoothly, Asana is one of them.



The Evernote application is one of the most popular applications used worldwide. It is used for taking down notes and organizing your whole plan into one. This is not restricted to just notes but photos, videos, music, etc. the Evernote has it all for your life planned out!



Keeping track of your daily to-do list is very important. So, what do you need to get yourself on track for the best possible outcome? You need Todoist. This app is compatible with both android and iOS phones. You can do a lot more for a little time only with Todoist.


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Google Files

Everyone has Google files on their phones. This application serves as one of the longest-serving apps on a phone. Google files help to keep your documents in order so you do not need to search all around on your phone. Google files are by far a reliable app to keep your life on track for success.


Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is also another app to manage your life. It is available for both iOS and Android phones. Amazon Kindle is used for reading eBooks. These types of books can be in textbooks, recipes, and novels. There are so many things that are installed in the kindle classics. You can manage your life excellently by making use of the amazon kindle to do so many things in organizing your life. If you are into recipes, one of the best software you can use to manage your recipes is the amazon kindle.


Samsung health

Health is wealth. One way to manage your life is to focus on your health. An app that can help you manage your health properly is Samsung health. Samsung Health is a health app that helps to condition your body with exercises to regulate your heart and calm your pulse rate. What better app can you need other than Samsung health. One of the common ways of making this happen is by taking some number of steps per day. An estimated number of steps to be taken in a month is 200,000. This is enough to regulate your body properly and keep you in shape.


My Calendar

Just as the name implies, it says it all about what the app does. With my calendar, all you need to do is put in a start date and an end date for your plans and it will be activated. Not everyone has the capacity to manage a full calendar month appropriately, knowing what to do at some certain point in time. But with my calendar, it is possible. All you need to do is let the app manage your daily activities and the rest is history.


One Pulse

One way or the other, we all need to take surveys. One pulse app is similar to Google opinions. Getting answers to some head-breaking questions is important in getting over some common problems. Surveys can help you get proper direction towards a certain pathway that you never knew existed before. One pulse app is a unique app to help you with it. Get yourself this app today and experience life in a whole new dimension.



The Toggl application is an application used to track and manage how your time is spent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. We all know how hard it is to keep up with activities daily. But with the Toggl application, you can start managing your time very well and become more productive. Time is very precious, ad an app like this that can help manage your time wisely. So, if you looking for an app to help manage your timing, Toggl is always there for you to use.

Every one has a choice to do better and grow. these applications aren’t for fun, they are for you to use them and make a difference in your life so you can be able to live longer.

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