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How to Make Money on 

Making money online is easy with Visfinder Affiliate Program – a simple technique to help you put extra cash into your wallet while doing what you love! As a registered affiliate, you can advertise our products or other listed businesses on your websites, blogs or social media platforms to create awareness and attract interested buyers.

You will earn great Commission if you have the audience and this money will be paid into your designated bank account every month. is a Nigeria online business listing site and classified ecommerce marketplace for service professionals, startup companies, entrepreneurs, and retail merchants who want to sell their products and services to the Nigerian, Africa and Global community.

To ensure active listings, control listing quality, and indeed, reduce online spammers significantly, business promoters, marketers and influencers are encouraged to subscribe to our promotional packages. And together, our aim is to help business owners make more sales and grow their businesses online.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Membership Activities

As a member, user, marketer or contributor; Visfinder provides different ways you can make money on the platform. Thus, you can make extra income when you:

  • Sell other people’s products or deals on the store or other online marketplaces using referrals or coupon codes.
  • Write and post relevant, informative and well structured article or forum topic that engages our audience.
  • Share our partners or clients’ PR sponsored posts on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Tiktok or LinkedIn timelines
  • Refer your friends, colleagues or family members to join Visfinder and purchase a Paid Listing Plan through your referral link.

Contact us to register now and obtain your affiliate code.


Income Earning Opportunities

How to earn money

Amount in Naira

  • When you refer someone to join Visfinder
  • When you share daily sponsored post on your social network 
  • When you publish approved business journal or article on the website.
  • When you sell others’ products or deals on your store.
2% commission  per sale.


  1. You must have up to 1000 fans to be eligible for social media sharing 
  2. You must wirte relevant topic approved by the admin. Minumu word count is 1,500 words.
  3. Other Terms and Conditions Apply!