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Review your favorite business today and share your experiences with friends and other online shoppers. Finding good businesses can be hard for many people. Leaving a review about a local business or service provider you have used on is one of the best ways to help businesses to improve and keep our online marketplace free of scammers and fraudsters.

Here, you can rate and recommend a product to other online customers; or write a success story about a business or individual that helped you. On the other hand, you can report any dissatisfactory jobs, transactions or negative experience you have to the management team for proper investigations. 

At, we want to build trust among buyers and increase sales for qualified professionals and businesses registered on this platform. We do not delete bad reviews submitted by users on any business profile. Instead, we suspend or delete any such company or service provider found to be fraudulent and report to the rightful authorities. Again, we do not approve unverified reviews.

How To Write a Review on

  1. Visit on your device browser and search for the name and location of the business account you want to write about – using the search bar.
  2. In the top-left corner of the business profile, click on “Write a Review.” to write and submit your experience; describing why you’ll be using or not using this firm, or service provider again for your next project.
  3. On the business page, use the rating feature also to give the business your overall service performance grade from 1-5 stars. This will directly affect the business’ average score on Visfinder. 
  4. When invited, you can write a review about a business or service you’ve used on Visfinder’s website and send your feedback to us via email using your computer or smartphone.



  • Visfinder Business Review and Star Rating Features will show up on your business profile once approved.
  • It can appear on Google search results and improves your business online credibility or publicity over the competitors.

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