Social Media Management Job Description

Social media management job is an interesting job but it also can be very tasking too. However, if you know its job description fully well, you will be fully prepared to carry out any task assigned to you. This article will prepare you for the journey ahead. It contains the information you need about social media management job description.

A social media manager is an employee of an organization trusted with monitoring and guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. He/she is in charge of representing the company across available social media channels as the sole voice of the brand.

As a social media manager, you manage an organisation’s online presence by developing strategies, producing good content, and analyzing data usage to increase output, build customers’ trust and maintain a perfect social media reputation online and on sight.


Responsibilities for Social Media Management Job:

A social media manager has a lot of responsibilities. Below are the core ones you need to know:

  1. Develop creative and engaging social media strategies for your brand or company.
  2. Manage the day-to-day handling of all social media networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube. Adapting content to suit different channels.
  3. Oversee, plan and deliver content across different platforms using scheduling tools such as Sprinklr, Hootsuit, etc.
  4. Set weekly targets to increase brand awareness and increase customer engagement.
  5. Recommend improvements to increase brand performance on social media platforms.
  6. Monitor, track, analyse and report performance across social media platforms using tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and Facebook insights.
  7. Develop, launch and manage new competitions and campaigns that promote your organization and brand.
  8. Research and evaluate the latest trends and techniques in order to find new and better ways of measuring social media activities.
  9. Encourage collaboration across teams and departments.
  10. Form key relationship with influencers across the social media platforms.
  11. Collaborate with other teams like marketing, sales and customer service to ensure brand consistency.


Qualifications for Social Media Management Job:

A social media manager does not need any particular set of academic qualification. Just a good use of the English language and presentation skills will go a long way. Aside that, he or she should have the following skills:

  1. Advertising skills
  2. Marketing skills
  3. Business management skills
  4. Media and effective communications skills
  5. Familiarity with web design and publishing
  6. Good time management skills
  7. Great interpersonal and presentation skills
  8. Understand Search Engine Organisation (SEO)
  9. Web audit and traffic metrics


Skills for Social Media Management Job

  1. A solid understanding of the use of social media platforms.
  2. Strong copywriting and editing skills suitable for each platform.
  3. Strong communication and people skills for articulating ideas to colleagues and clients.
  4. Leadership qualities to lead and motivate a team.
  5. Oraganisation skills with capacity to prioritize and work across multiple projects.
  6. Ability to work well under pressure to meet deadlines.
  7. Ability to deliver creative designed content.


Salary for Social Media Management Job:

Salaries of social media mangers vary depending on a range of factors including location, working sector, type of organization, experience and number of platforms.


Summary: Social Media Management Job Description

Are you planning to hire a Social Media Manager for your company? We hope this detailed job description, requirements, qualification and more will be of help in your decision process. Leverage a multitasking network experience, and hire professional social media manager ready and capable to bring values to your business.

He or she will manage your online reputation by developing strategies, producing good content, analyzing usage data, and reporting results.


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