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How to Start Selling on Jumia in Nigeria

Jumia is the most visited e-commerce website in Nigeria. It allows individuals and business owners to list products and services that customers can buy. In this post, you will have an understanding on how Jumia works, its requirements, Jumia costs of service and many more.


What is Jumia and How Does it Work?

Jumia is an online marketplace that provides an opportunity for sellers and buyers to have transactions. This large African e-commerce website claims to have more than 225,000 customers every month.

Jumia has more than 35 million traffic visits monthly. Over 750,000 sales are recorded on black Fridays. That’s to give you an idea of how many buyers are on this e-commerce site.

Jumia only owns about 15% of the products sold on its platform. The larger part of the goods is uploaded and owned by individuals and business owners selling on the platform.

You can also be one of the sellers and make money from the profits earned. Most of the sellers there don’t know how to even use Jumia until they read a post like the one you’re reading now.

In this post, you will learn how to create a Jumia account and start selling your products, what the Seller Center is and how to use it, how to deliver an order as well as how to receive payment whenever you sell a product.


What Are the Requirements to Sell on Jumia?

Before you can start selling on Jumia in Nigeria, you have to be at least 18 years of age. If you’re not, you can sell under the supervision of your parents or guardians.

You must also provide some necessary details. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Full name
  • Your email address
  • Your current address
  • Bank account details
  • A valid phone number


How to Start Selling on Jumia

  • Register your Jumia account

From your browser, navigate to the Jumia Marketplace. Scroll down and fill out the registration form. Submit when you’re done.

  • Provide the necessary details

On the next page, input your email address and phone number.  You should also provide the necessary info about your business. Your bank account details will also be requested.

  • Verification through email

A confirmation code will be sent to the email address you provided earlier. Kindly check your inbox and click on the message from Jumia.

  • Activate your Jumia account

The next step is to go to the Jumia Seller Center and use the verification codes you received to log in.

  • Get trained on how to sell on Jumia

Jumia has a personalized training course for new sellers. Once you’re done with your registration, you should go through the training. It’s for your benefit.


What is the Jumia Seller Center?

The Jumia Seller Center is where you will be managing your online store from. This seller centres your dashboard where you can monitor your sales, upload products and update your product info.


How to List Products on Jumia

When you list your products on Jumia, it means you’re uploading the items you want to sell. You will include the product description, price and other important info for each item you upload.

There are many different methods you use to list your products on Jumia. It varies based on the type and the number of products you want to offer to your buyers.

  • Sell yours
  • Bulk creation (using templates)
  • List your products manually one after the other

You can also allow the Jumia content team to help you list your products on your behalf.


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How to Process a Customer Order on Jumia

After listing your products on Jumia, you should make sure to check your Seller Center from time to time to see if you have a new order.

  • Whenever a Jumia user sees your product, he/she will place an order. A notification will be sent to your email immediately.
  • Go to your seller centre. Click on “Orders”, then press “Manage Orders“. The new order will be pending on the orders tab.
  • If the item ordered is no longer available due to any reason, you can cancel the customer’s order. To cancel it, click on “Cancel” under “Actions“. Type in the reason why you’re cancelling and submit.

Note: Jumia may charge you for cancelling an order. If any listed item is not available, make sure you remove it from your inventory. You can add it later when it’s available again.

  • If the product ordered is available for sale, prepare and package it for delivery.


How to Deliver a Customer Order on Jumia

Whenever a customer orders one of your products, you should start preparing and packaging it immediately. It must be ready to ship within 12 hours.


There are two ways you can deliver your products to your buyers on Jumia.

Jumia Express

Jumia Express is a premium service, meaning that you will pay before you can use it. Jumia will help you store your items at their warehouse.

Whenever a customer orders one of the products, Jumia will pick, package and ship it directly to your customer. Easy, right?

You can learn more about Jumia Express.


Jumia Vendor Stations

This type of delivery means that you will handle the storage of your products. You will also be responsible for the packaging.

Once it’s ready, you will take the order to any of the Jumia VDO stations and they will deliver it to your customer on your behalf.


How to Receive Payments for Your Products on Jumia

Each new order you deliver will add money to your Jumia account. You won’t receive payments immediately after delivering. The reason is that some customers may want to return a product after buying it.

After a few days, the payment will become available (if the customer doesn’t return it. Jumia will automatically send the amount to your bank account.

You can learn more on how to receive payments on Jumia here.


How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Jumia? What Percentage Does Jumia take?

Note that Jumia charges a commission on each sale you make. Also, a tax of 7.5% applies to each sale. The percentage that Jumia charges on each transaction range from 6% to 16%, depending on your industry.


Conclusion on How to Start Selling on Jumia in Nigeria

By now, you have everything you need to start selling on Jumia. We have explained how to create an account and start selling on Jumia in Nigeria.

We also talked about what a Jumia seller centre is, how to deliver your order and also how to receive payment. You can visit the Jumia marketplace to start selling on Jumia.

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